Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paintshop Pro Layered Template Tutorial

How to colorize a layered template in Paint Shop Pro

All of my templates will open up in the psp progam as well as PS and PS Elements.

1. Open up your layered file

2. Open up your layer palette in paint shop this needs to be open and visible to be able to pick the layer you want selected to colorize.

3. Once you pick the layer highlight it in the layer palette to do this just click on the layer in the palette.

4. Go to selections-select all-float-then de-float

5. Add a new raster layer and flood fill this layer with the color of choice.

6. Remove the template layer as if you leave it will leave an ugly outline. So it is important to always remove this template layer.

7. You can do shading by using the inner shade tool in paint shop pro if desired but not required.

8. Once you have your colorizing completed and all your template layers removed, save as a png or jpeg file.

If you are interested in a tutorial for Photoshop colorizing please shoot me an email to

Awesome Giveaway by Mommies with Cents

Mommies with Cents Blog is having an awesome giveaway contest. Go on over and sign up. It is fun and you can win some yummy Hershey's treats!! If you are like me you love chocolate and when it is free it is even better!! Good luck to all.
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

60 Percent off Sale at BNS
Come check out all my new items over at BNS. To many to list but they are worth checking out. Especially when they are 60% off through tommorow.
Have a good evening

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Items and DSD Sale

Hi everyone, I have a ton of new Winter and Christmas related templates in the store. I am also running a 35% off sale through November 5th to celebrate DSD. So come in and check out what is new. Here is a sneek peek of some of my new items.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello and a Freebie

Hi everyone, It has been awhile since I have updated my blog with all my new items. I am horrible at keeping up to date, I do apologize. I have a load of new items in my store which are Cu useage. Holiday themed templates. Today only I have all of my items marked down to 1.25 and my Cu for Cu Licensing is on sale as well.

Now on to my freebie. I have decided to try my hand at making some printables. I created these little cuties from my Sugar Angel Templates. I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear what you think of them. Dowload Here

Have a great week

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Updated CU for Cu License Holders TOU

NON-PROFIT/PERSONAL USAGE: You can use Kristi W Design’s graphics on any personal project as long as NO profit/money is made.

Kristi Westling COMMERCIAL USAGE: If you wish to use my graphics to create a commercial product to sell, you can purchase my Cu for Cu License.You ARE ALLOWED to use these items in your own personal use kits you sell without a license.

You cannot sell the product in the form which it is in. The file must be a merged file and changed by adding textures, changing colors, and or adding other elements to the item. NO UNMERGED FILES ALLOWED

If creating scripts or actions with my templates the finished product must be a merged file.

Script and action testers are NOT allowed to use my items in their own kits with the products you purchased. They can test your products however they must purchase the item before allowed to use the items in their own kits for profit.


*** If you are a Designer selling at Print on Demand sites (such as Zazzle, Cafepress etc.), or if you are a Retailer or Wholesaler and produce more than 1000 copies of any products then please email me for a Mass Production License. My Small Commercial License does not cover mass produced prints.

DIGITAL PRODUCT DESIGNERS: You can use my Designs personally or commercially to create digital printable files. Files must be flattened and enough of your own design must be added (such as invitation, wrapper, topper, wall art or any other digital printable file) In order to sell commercially however, you must own my Crafters license.

Interested parties can email me to find out more about the crafters license.

PRINTED PRODUCT DESIGNERS: You can use my products personally or commercially to create printed stationery, handmade or printed cards, brochures, flyers, business cards, all sort of printed party or stationery elements, games, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decoration and etc.

You can also create stationery or other PRINTED products at Zazzle, Cafe Press, Etsy and in your own store.

In order to sell commercially however, you must own my Crafters license. Interested parties can email me to find out more about the crafters license.

DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKERS: You can use all of my graphics for your personal projects.

EMBROIDERY DIGITIZERS: You can use my products personally or commercially.

TOU Revised * Store templates and blog templates can be created only for personal use!! You may NOT profit off of my designs by selling store or blog templates.If you are interested in gaining profit

from using my designs to create such items you must contact me to discuss payment for this type of useage.


* You cannot sell my graphics as is and or claim as your own. All copyrights remain with me Kristi W Designs. Credit is required when using my items commercially.

You must provide your license number in your terms of use along with a statement statingI am the original creator of the designs along with a link to my store

These files are not to be shared with anyone. The purchaser of these items is the only person allowed to use the items.

These files are not to be uploaded to any share groups or file sharing servers.

If using the files that I have created which are already in clipart form, these cannot be sold as clipart. They must be incorporated into some type of design.

SUch as cards, Gift tags, ect.

uPDATED AS OF OCTOBER 9 2011- Due to the lack of respect in the terms of my cu for cu licensing- When selling my products

for commercial use in the form of scripts or actions. You CANNOT sell anything you create with my Designs for less than 2.50 this includes when your items are on sale.

No exceptions. There is no change in the pricing of clipart and stickers-prices for these items are exluded in this update.

When bundling my products you must sell the items at no less than 4.00 for 2 items together. This includes while on sale.

If selling 4 items they must be priced accordingly. Meaning at least 6.00 for 4 items and you CANNOT sell my designs as a whole bundle- 4 items maximum when bundling.

Again this does not include clipart or stickers. This is only for Scripts and Actions.

Any questions please feel free to contact me at

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sale and New Items at Bear Necessities

Hi everyone, Through Friday all my clubs are marked down to 53% off and my Cu store is on sale for 50 percent off. If you spend 15.00 or more in the store you can receive this Halloween grab bag free!! It can also be purchased outright. So come in and check out what we have to offer.
Have a great rest of the week